March 28, 2018

Anyeong Busan!

Samyeon Street
Samyeon Street
Samyeon Street

This day last year, we set our feet in the land of Kimchi, with a heavy heart following the passing of Joe's beloved grandma, just few days before the trip. Well, it sure felt surreal, as I never thought I would visit Korea so soon and it was never in my list. It's very important to do your own research beforehand because everywhere in Korea is accessible via public transport at your convenience. All you need is to know where do you really want to visit or give it a go; otherwise it's very, very straight-forward, you can easily google the directions.

However, I must admit when I first look at the subway map, I got really frustrated and stressed out. First of all, I was never into Korea. Secondly, I have zero idea about Korean artists other than Song Joong Ki & the Running Man crews. I'm also not a fan of K-beauty. So Korea is really something new and strange to me. You can rest assured that as you do research, you will slowly figure everything out and see the map in a much clearer view.

March 12, 2018

3 months

Changing time!

Raising kid indicates new challenges everyday, there's always something new and different. But what a privilege it is to watch your own child grow each day. There are days I feel extremely terrible when baby is being extra cranky but deep down inside, I'm enjoying every single moment. Truth be told, in the near future I probably won't remember the bad days or how the day felt so long when Joe is taking forever to come home from work. I also won't remember how many inches she grow or how much weight she gained each day.. I will only remember how she responded with a big smile the each time I make funny faces and how she melts me in every little thing she does whilst amazed by my ability to make such cute baby, I'm sure it crossed every mother's mind right?

Close Up
Close Up
Look at her! She's definitely growing up to be a daddy's girl.

Alyssa is 3 months old as of today, it also marks the 3rd month of me being a SAHM! It all seems to have happened so quickly and I still can't get used to having someone to call "my daughter". I can't wait for her to grow up and have more interactions with us; at the same time I wish the time could stop so she will always stay little in my arms.

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