June Update

June 10, 2018

I spent one productive month in my hometown after election day(hooray to the new Malaysia!). It always started with lunch outside and come home trying to make baby have her naps. At least I've got lots of helping hands(thanks mum, sis and in-laws!) with the baby while I can do things such as meeting with friends over a cuppa or simply just enjoy my shower.


I came back to KL realising baby has outgrown many of her rompers. D: How did she grow bigger overnight? I can't believe she has passed the 6 month-old mark! She's going to be 7 in 2 weeks time. Baby's bottom front teeth has also made its debut last month, it's so heart-wrenching to see her in pain that comes with slight fever. Oh time please slow down, I miss my toothless baby, we both do!

Toothless Smile

Gotta settle new house stuff first before I could go home and enjoy my break again. Can't wait to move in already cos baby stuff is slowly piling up, I barely have space for my own. Ahhh I think I should really blog more regularly 😭 I expect this post to be a lot longer than it is now but I forget most of it grrrrr.

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