Fisheye always reminds me a lot of all the fun times I had when I was in my early 20s. Sing K, club scenes, food hunting, beach trips etc... Here's some last few shots from fisheye camera who has served me well for the last 10 years! The film was actually long abandoned in my camera before I realised it years later. Sadly the advance wheel was kind of stuck, I couldn't roll to next frame for another shot multiple times before it went totally dead.

The whole film resulted in only 6 shots in total, including 2 underexposed shots. 😭

Poolside at our new place. The sunset from where I stood was really stunning the other day.

Went Genting for a night just to spend some quality time with this one.

Film photos are always surprising aren't they? I was lucky to find a brand new Lomo fisheye selling less than half of the retail price few months ago on Carousel! 😍 Guess I will just keep this spoiled one to display at our new home!

Last year seems to be all about wedding and pregnancy, gives me shivers just to think of these keywords(!). I regretted not taking more photos during with my belly though, as I spent most times of the last pregnancy being worried about what kind of unfortunate events could possibly happen. 😑 Thank God for these not-so-meaningless photos that almost left forgotten, a good reminder that my 2017 wasn't so terrible because I actually travelled to few places, it's not that bad afterall.
Baby Boss
She'll always be fine with snacks.

Baby Boss
..or Pinkfong videos!

It's hard to me to have my camera with me now when I have a diaper bag and a baby to carry most of the time. Last week I went out for quick lunch nearby where I can also do my grocery next door. Never thought it would be a nice place to take photos because the surrounding was all full length glass windows that brings in ample natural light.

At The Grocer
At The Grocer
I guess she's not fond of the veggies section.
National Day #malaysiabaru

Obviously it would be difficult for us to go all the way to Putrajaya for the national day parade(sources suggested we should reach before 7AM to avoid massive traffic!) so I made us another plan—which is to dress up for photos at Dataran Merdeka instead. KL has always been a favourite for street photography. And boy I can't believe how much it has changed, I used to be around here so often. It's so tourist-friendly(even for the locals) now with road signs everywhere that it's possible to explore KL city just by walking. We took advantage of the LRT right beside our condo and traveled to Masjid Jamek where our short KL street tour began.