September 10, 2018

One Fine Day

Baby Boss
She'll always be fine with snacks.

Baby Boss
..or Pinkfong videos!

It's hard to me to have my camera with me now when I have a diaper bag and a baby to carry most of the time. Last week I went out for quick lunch nearby where I can also do my grocery next door. Never thought it would be a nice place to take photos because the surrounding was all full length glass windows that brings in ample natural light. I truly enjoy this moment, with camera in hand and no one else to disturb. P/S: I actually play videos for baby so she could leave me in peace while I'm trying to work on the camera settings LOL judge me however you want ok? 😆

At The Grocer
At The Grocer
I guess she's not fond of the veggies section.

Now she can no longer fits into my favourite romper from Uniqlo! 😭

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