Travelling with a belly

September 20, 2018


Last year seems to be all about wedding and pregnancy, gives me shivers just to think of these keywords(!). I regretted not taking more photos during with my belly though, as I spent most times of the last pregnancy being worried about what kind of unfortunate events could possibly happen. 😑 Thank God for these not-so-meaningless photos that almost left forgotten, a good reminder that my 2017 wasn't so terrible because I actually travelled to few places, it's not that bad afterall.

Thai Toast
Bugis Junction

Around a year ago, I was in my early third trimester when all the morning sicknesses and loss of appetite have far gone, I decided to tag along my parents and their friends to Singapore. It was a pretty relaxing trip. The best part was I don't even have to plan anything, just have to pack my bag and fly. It's kind of like a last minute thing. Our itinerary wasn't so packed, we even managed to meet up SW's family before we set off to Batam the next morning.

Out of Focus
En route to Batam

Tua Pek Kong Temple, Batam
Tua Pek Kong Temple, Batam
Buddhist Hall
Buddhist Hall
Lunch Place
Seafood lunch by the lake

So surprised to find temples all over Batam. We did not explore the beach side this time and spent the whole day in town for foods, window shopping and massage. And that heavenly massage we all enjoyed after early dinner, was something I would go back to(how I wish I can go back again the next day just before we leave!) The fact that I was suffering for muscle & joint pain for a while from my growing belly, I get rejected by all massage centres in Malaysia just because I was pregnant. So this masseur easily done a good job.

Changi Airport
Everyone's fav OOTD spot @ Changi Airport

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