We made a spontaneous trip to Singapore last month, just few days after we moved in(finally!) for a weekend to meet my SIL and SW, it's just so great we got to spend time together. We also went to the zoo, which was something I really looked forward to but they were having company events for families so it was really packed.

Singapore Zoo Trip
Lunch @ Haji Lane

I guess the (most unexpected) highlight of the trip has got to be Mamma Mia Musical. I happened to find out on the newspaper when I was just flipping through at the hotel lobby. I had been telling Joe how awesome it was and I would pay for the front row next time because it would be totally worth it. Isn't this destined to be?! That I get to watch it again? So without a doubt, off we went! Upon arriving at the theatre entrance, most guests are decently dressed for the occasion, except for us. We went in with Aly of course, and we have to keep her busy with snacks or toys at all time so she wouldn't make a sound, which is entirely impossible.

When the show began, she started to lose her patience and I was then invited to leave the hall by an old lady who was in charged of my section. I'm really thankful for this lady as she didn't just walk away but stayed by my side to cheer me up. I felt so much better talking to her. About 15 mins later Joe reach out to me, he knew I really wanted this, so I passed over baby to him and went back inside for the show while he watched it outside on screen.

I just remembered about wanting to compliment this old lady to Sands Theatre thru email but goddamnit I forgot her name by now. And Joe, thanks for making my dream comes true, you've done it again! ♡