Did a cake smash shoot at home for Alyssa's 1st Birthday! It was not like any other cake smash photos I have seen online cos she totally rejected the cake I specially ordered for her. 😩

Set A: Birthday Crown

I was looking at life events column on Facebook one day and realised Joe & I are in the 4th year together now. Time flies so quickly after we're married and even more after Alyssa was born. 🤔

Leaving confinement centre is something I really looked forward to ever since I delivered. For the first week I can't stop thinking about being free from "jail" so I can go out with my baby. Coming to the end of 2nd week, oh man I really wish I could stay longer—I really love the fact I get delicious meals everyday, and few knocks on the door to signify it's dessert time. A phone call away to bring away a crying baby, to help manage and keep my EBM, sterilise my bottles, to bring me my herbal bath water... I felt like a queen!

In the first month of the year I had one of my teenage dreams fulfilled. Thank you mum & aunt for offering to take care of our little one so that we can take few hours off for Jay Chou's concert I've been dreaming about.

May's biggest event is none other than #GE14! For the first time in history the opposition aka PH claimed victory after winning majority parliamentary seats. And of course we went home to vote. 🤩

Another concert treat! Joe got free tix for Eric Chou's concert and he offered to babysit Alyssa so that I could catch the show. I dragged along ZX with me knowing he hasn't been to any concert before!

We finally moved in to our new apartment, phew! After going through massive nuisances with all our contractors, I'm glad everything has come to an end. I didn't get much time to really decorate yet with an active baby around so there isn't any particular space or corner I'm in love with YET but as usual, I love being at living hall the most! Neighbours here are friendlier as there are more families than working expats here compared to our old place, this being one of the reasons we really like it here the first time we came for a look.


We celebrated Alyssa's 1st Birthday at home! 😭 Took so many pictures and we were really thankful for our guests who took their time to come all the way here just to share this special moment with us.

Untitled  Let's Cut the Cake!
Untitled  It's My Birthday!

In the past year, I made efforts to travel as frequent as I can so that I wouldn't feel being tied up as a SAHM. As much as I miss those days when there's just the two of us, I'm just as happy to be making memories as a family of 3 now.