Life of a SAHM

April 1, 2019


It's quarter to 4 as I'm writing this. Heck, it's just one month away to the end of Q1. 😱 My daily routine is the same everyday without fail—bath Alyssa, feed her, play with her, make her sleep & repeat. She is getting more attached to me, not even sure if it's a good thing. We left her to mum last night so both of us can have some time to ourselves for a steamboat gathering over Kuan's place. It felt great to finally have some short silence in the house while Joe was having his afternoon nap, but as soon as we're all set in the car, I felt like part of me was missing! I felt so uneasy inside out, it's really been centuries since we have long hours to ourselves. This also means how active she can be at all time.


But 1 year-old is such fun age! We now have more interactions and she is starting to understand what we say too. She loves music and will move her body left to right when we told her to dance. I've heard all about #terribletwo so I'm just gonna enjoy little moments between the 2 of us while it lasts.

As for now my goal is to wean her night feeding off. 💪🏻😖

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