1st Fever

May 7, 2019

Crybaby 2

Aly was down with fever since Friday. We were so helpless as this is our first time experience a fever. I think it might be due to teething. I also had bad flu on and off for the same period of time. It's so irritable because up to this day I'm still not fully healed yet even after 2 visits to the clinic. 😩

Now I know why mothers can't rest well when their child is sick. It's really until you got to experience it firsthand to finally understand that feelings our mums used to go through. It's not like you want it, it comes naturally!

Playground Fun

At times like this she is also extra clingy, she wants me and only me. Sometimes even if I carry her she would still make a fuss and I really don't know what to do. Thank God it's a weekend when she was ill, so Joe is around to help. I just can't wait until she's all fine and healthy again.

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